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High up on the hills,
Stood an old Victorian house
built in the Gothic style.
Deserted, it had been
For over a century now.
Ignorant, so it is
To the changes, it is going through.
Glasses all shattered
Yet the panes locked tight.
Brocade curtains clinging
to their fading shine.
Walls hung with faded silks,
Echoing a long monotonous story
of the dynasty that lived.
Dusty old portraits
Swing with the dull song.
The dynasty is long gone,
But the house still stands tall.

Hey, we have got too cozy.
haven’t we?
For your shrills no longer feels like an imposter
in my musical land.
Nor do your punches disturbs me off my daily plans,
Mind you, They do Hurt!
(And of course, nobody’s asking who provoked you.)
Your ‘artificial’ giggles, though sometimes irritating,
forces me to laugh along
dragging me off the…

Hemmed in by colossal waves,
is a ship seen never before.
Strong winds are slowly strangling
all the breaths it could ever hold.

Night so ruthless harbors
darkness in its depth.
Trapped souls struggling, though
never had anyone escaped.

But the ocean shows no mercy,
and the moon hides behind the cloud.
Still, the ship refuses to sink.
Still, the footsteps refuse to stop.

Machine Learning


K-nearest neighbors(in short KNNs) are a robust yet straightforward supervised machine learning algorithm. Though its regression variant also exists, we’ll only discuss its classification form.

KNN is a non-parametric lazy learning algorithm. Let’s have a look at what each term means —

  • Non-parametric: Unlike the parametric models, the non-parametric models…

And with her last breath
She broke all her promises.
Knowing she could never keep
Yet for their sake, she thought she could.
Like a butterfly for whom
life’s all about flowers.
Like clouds above lost
in the world of imagination.
Her dreams were big.
But …
she strangled her dreams,
Chopped her wings.
She accepted a life
she could never live.
Yet for…

Linear Regression is probably the very first learning algorithm that one encounters in their early machine learning journey.
It is the oldest and widely used supervised learning algorithm.

What’s Supervised Learning?

Well, any machine learning problem can be assigned to one of the two broad classifications:
Supervised learning and Unsupervised learning

In Supervised…

Sieve of Eratosthenes is an algorithm for finding all prime numbers in any given range. Here are the topics that I have tried to cover in this article.

Topics discussed in this article

  • What are prime numbers?
  • Naive way of finding prime numbers.
  • Sieve of Eratosthenes
    (sounds more like a king’s name! No Offence intended.)


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